Who can drive an ATV?

You must be at least 16 years old and without any prohibitive medical condition to operate an ATV. All drivers and passengers must sign a waiver of liability agreement. No experience is necessary for our tour – we provide full operational and safety training.


What should I wear?

Wear long pants, sturdy footwear (ideally boots), a long sleeved top and a light jacket. There will definitely be mud and rocky trails, so you need to be able to get out and walk in the terrain!


What safety gear should I bring?

We provide all the necessary safety gear: helmets, eye wear, rubber boots and gloves. The guide vehicle is equipped with a full First Aid Kit and our guides hold First Aid certificates.


What else should I bring?

Bring along a camera to capture the fun. Sun Block and sunglasses are highly recommended. A change of socks and t-shirt is smart and it’s never a bad idea to bring your bathing suit and a towel! Ziplock bag for your those non-mud friendly items, such as, phones, cameras, wallets, etc. Each ATV comes with an equipment box to keep your belongings safe and clean.


Can I bring my own ATV?

Absolutely. We charge a reduced rate for a tour using your own vehicle. Our knowledge of the area is second to none and all permits are arranged by us in advance.


What times of year do you operate?

We operate during the ATV season, from April 1 to November 15. Tours may not operate during periods of bad weather. If French River ATV Tours deems the weather inappropriate, we will cancel the tour and either we will reschedule or refund you as appropriate.